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Militia Battle Shirts and Guerilla Clothing

Many units went into battle in 1861
in battle shirts ...
and we make some of the best!

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During the early months of the Civil War, many units went into battle in the civilian clothing they were wearing - or in what have become known as "Battle Shirts" - special shirts made by the women of the town, to send the boys off in style.  Our stock Missouri Battle Shirts are copied from the picture of the Duvall brothers from Ray County, Missouri who fought at the Battle of Wilsons Creek- they feature a lay-over collar, placket, 2 pockets and are trimmed in cotton tape.  They can be made in any fabric or pattern combination you desire - solid color, plaid, cotton shirting, cotton flannel, whatever you want.  We can make one for you - or enough for the whole unit.  Just let us know your needs. As you plan your reenactments for the 150th seasons, let us help you! Order and call or email color/pattern preference!
Battle Shirts
We have lots of battleshirts on hand for the coming
season - sizes are M-L-XL - and remember, these
are overshirts. 100% cotton, lots of color choices.
Photos shown are examples only, we may
or may not have similar fabric on hand.
Call or email with your fabric preferences.

Item CS1
+shipping & handling

Item CS2
+shipping & handling

Click on photos below for enlargements.

Guerilla Shirts

We also make the guerilla overshirts that were worn by the Missouri partisans, such as Jesse and Frank James, Bloody Bill Anderson, and T F Maupin.  These shirts evolved from the hunting overshirts of earlier times and are meant to be worn over a regular shirt and possibly a vest.  They feature two pockets for caps, ball, etc.
We base most of our shirts on photographs of Frank, Jesse and T F - as well as the description of the shirts in the book by Hamp Watts, "Babe of the Company."  Each one is made to your specifications - you choose the neck style, the fabric, the color, the trim, etc. 
The above are examples of shirts we recently made.

Bib-Front Shirts

We also make the bib-front shirts worn by the artillery units, the Boston and New York fire departments, and many western folk.  Some units adopted this style as their battle shirt.  We can make them of any color you want!

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